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All transactions are made easier with just one click. Because, Triv has been integrated with 61 banks in Indonesia and various eMoney options that you can use to receive payments.

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Integrate your website with Triv in minutes. Simple, practical, just add 3 lines of code and get various benefits.

Mobile Compatible

Triv payment page, compatible with all smartphones and tablets. And ensure that customers stay comfortable and don't fail when making payments.


The best security system that has been certified by various institutions and monitored for 24 hours. As well as having an IT team experienced in their fields.


Triv uses CDN technology, multiple tier-3 servers and uses DDOS protection networks. Ensure that the triv system is always available 24 hours and 7 days a week faster to access.


Simply integrate your business with Triv in minutes, and get the convenience of selling with a variety of payment options.

Various Types of eMoney and Digital Assets

Various choices ofeMoney andDigital Assetsthat you can do

Large companies with authorized capital of 50 billion rupiah

Triv is a large company with a company capital of 50 billion rupiah in accordance with regulations from the government

High level security system

The best security system that has been certified by various certification bodies in accordance with government regulations.

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