Price of Bitcoin and E Money

Price of Bitcoin and E Money

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Bitcoin

Because there is no international bitcoin pricing. In addition, the price of bitcoin depends on the bitcoin platform in accordance with the features / services offered. Bitcoin does not depend on any currency, country and bitcoin platform. When you see prices on Google, it only displays international bitcoin prices of various bitcoin platforms as estimates and comparisons.

No, bitcoin, ethereum, and other crypto currencies are also divided into several small parts, so you can sell and buy crypto currencies with small amounts every time

There are several ways to exchange bitcoin to rupiah, which is by selling it to a crypto currency broker that has been officially registered

Because there is no fixed price for bitcoin, the price of 1 bitcoin is approximately around Rp.133,587,088.90 depending on the fluctuations in international bitcoin prices

By having an online bitcoin wallet, and creating a crypto currency account that provides real-time bitcoin buying and selling services

When talking about Bitcoin vs Ethereum, they have fundamental differences. Ethereum is not a currency - it's a platform. It has its own digital currency called Ethereum (ETH). whereas Bitcoin is intended to function as a digital currency, Ethereum represents a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts.

Bitcoin prices are determined by demand and supply. When demand for bitcoin increases, prices increase and when demand decreases, prices fall.

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